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Konsultan Perikanan Lampung ( Freelance) Agen BOSTER perikanan

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Konsultan Perikanan Lampung ( Freelance) Agen BOSTER perikanan
Konsultan Perikanan Lampung ( Freelance) Agen BOSTER perikanan
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Name:Mr. slamet novianto [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: anntok95@yahoo.com Y!: anntok95
Mobile Number:085366121940
Phone Number:085366121940
Address:Perumnas Mustika Raya 2, Seloretno, Sidomulyo
Lampung Selatan 35453, Lampung
email anntok95@ gmail.com dan anntok95@ yahoo.com
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Registration Date:May. 28, 2009
Last Updated:Oct. 24, 2013
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Agriculture category

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Company give the consulting services [ of] fishery to all area ang being BOSTER poduct distributor and ( catch the, budidaya and processing , start from licensing, production process, marketing till repair of production management of fishery and management [ of] quality of fishery. repair Feeding program the intensive culture prawn, milkfish culture without feeding [ of] made in, fresh aquaculturing, ornamental fish culture. location choice of[ is effort fishery. seeding and magnification. Effort fishery which always lose. Access the finite fishery market. Company also [ do/ conduct] the regional fishery pickings commerce at Lampung Selatan.

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